About the Podcast

When you work in the restaurant industry, sometimes you just need to cut the s*** and get a little toasted so that you can spill the tea and shake off that saltiness. Simply stated – sometimes you need to flip the f*** out! Cut through the noise and tune in to hear hilarious anecdotes, humbling advice on how to create a hospitality business that doesn’t suck, and whatever the hell else we come up with after decades in the industry.

New podcast episodes air every Tuesday & Thursday, and a YouTube exclusive series, The Soapbox, every Saturday.

Brought to you by the punks behind Kara Restaurant Group in Cape May County, New Jersey: Yianni Karapanagiotis, Peter Karapanagiotis, Nikos Goutzouris, George Brannon, Liz McBadass, Leah Naclerio, and Noelle Venturini.


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